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Past & Current GMs

2004-2005 Mike ‘Whoremonger’ Rickard
2005-2006 Peter’Goldfinger’ Taylor
2006-2007 Jennifer ‘Late Coming Ball Slapper’ Sloan
2007-2008 Peter ‘Hard Nuts’ Brown
2008-2009 Segolene ‘Golden Shower’ d'Herlincourt
2009-2010 Heather ‘Iron Pussy’ Rich
2010-2011 Jo ‘Big Package’ Van Aubel
2011-2013 Joe ‘Auntie Climax’ Baker
2013-2014 Drew ‘Short Time’ Jeschke
2014-2015 Kung ‘Tasty Tail’ Belgreave
2015-2016 Frank ‘Noriega’ Allum
2016-2017 Paul ‘Cannonball’ Goodwin
2017-2018 Pom ‘Pat Pom’ Saunders
2018-2019 Eric ‘Drunk'in Donut’ Cornille
2019-2020 Vee Chat
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