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The Howling Running Hash

Bangkok Full Moon Hash House Harriers has been making a name for itself as the event to be here to always have a good time. Check out our calendar to make sure you don’t miss our upcoming run if you’d like to join us!

Every month on the Friday closest to the Full Moon!

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Fullmoon Hash runs are suspended until further notice !



Run #190     Sometime Soon

Hares: Whoremonger

Date: t.b.a

Run Site: t.b.a.


Bring a torch !


Hareline 2019-2020 season

13-Sep-19 -  Chicken Licker

11-Oct-19 - Hot Lips

8-Nov-19 - Doggy Style

13-Dec-19 - Auntie Climax

10-Jan-20 - Soi Squatter

7-Feb-20 -  Aunties Bitch

6-Mar-20 - The Phantom

10-Apr-20 - Whoremonger

8-May-20 - Moonlight

5-Jun-20 - Yanky Crank

3-Jul-20  - Drunkin Donut




We’ve Got Beer and Running Spirit

Since May 31, 2004, The Bangkok Full Moon Hash House Harriers was formed by Rick 'Dodic' Mendonsa,

Mike 'Whoremonger' Rickard, May 'Tie Me Up' Wongsa and Elen 'Hungry Bum' Day (RIP).

“When you say to people, you are running after trashed paper, they think you are very dumb, but when they learn it leads to a cool beer, they discover how smart you are.....!



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